Friday, July 15, 2016

Poem for Friday and Gaithersburg Lakeside

Cradle Song
By Sarojini Naidu

From groves of spice,
O’er fields of rice,
Athwart the lotus-stream,
I bring for you,
Aglint with dew,
A little lovely dream.

Sweet, shut your eyes,
The wild fire-flies
Dance through the fairy neem;
From the poppy-bole
For you I stole
A little lovely dream.

Dear eyes, good night,
In golden light
The stars around you gleam;
On you I Press
With soft caress
A little lovely dream.


It was beastly hot on Thursday. I mostly did work and chores in the morning, then Christine came over to see me and Maddy. We watched Gone Girl while we ate crepes Paul made for lunch. Eventually Christine had to go to work and I took a walk to see bunnies and catch Pokemon, which was frustrating because I caught a Pikachu but my app crashed and when I restarted it, the Pikachu and pokeball were both gone.

Other than a trip out to Giant, I tried to stay in the air conditioning as much as possible. Now we're watching Spirited Away, which Maddy and I both love. It was a depressing evening reading about what's going on in Nice while eating ratatouille for dinner for Bastille Day, so I will keep this short. Here are some photos from Washingtonian Lake a few days ago when we stopped on the way back from Hanover for dinner and a bit of shopping:

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