Sunday, July 10, 2016

Poem for Sunday and Spring Tulips

Hora Stellatrix
By Amy Lowell

The stars hang thick in the apple tree,
The south wind smells of the pungent sea,
Gold tulip cups are heavy with dew.
The night's for you, Sweetheart, for you!
Starfire rains from the vaulted blue.

Listen!  The dancing of unseen leaves.
A drowsy swallow stirs in the eaves.
Only a maiden is sorrowing.
'T is night and spring, Sweetheart, and spring!
Starfire lights your heart's blossoming.

In the intimate dark there's never an ear,
Though the tulips stand on tiptoe to hear,
So give; ripe fruit must shrivel or fall.
As you are mine, Sweetheart, give all!
Starfire sparkles, your coronal.


I have had a long day, mostly quite enjoyable but have spent a lot of the evening trying to put the house back in order after all the work we had done and there are still a million things to do. We picked up my parents in the morning and drove to Paul's parents in Hanover, stopping to get Domino's pizza for everyone on the way. They hadn't seen each other since last Thanksgiving because of all the health crises, so everyone caught up, plus we Skyped with Adam and with Maddy's other grandparents in Albuquerque, whom my parents had never "met" before even online.

We were hungry on the way home and Maddy wanted to stop in a sports store to get soccer cleats, so we went to Ted's Bulletin for dinner, then visited Dick's Sporting Goods nearby. While she was shopping, I went to look at the geese in Washingtonian Lake. Afterwards, we dropped my parents off at home, watched some Bones while taking care of email etc., and did a whole bunch of cleaning and organizing in the kitchen and upstairs. I forgot all about cropping photos till after midnight so have a photo from a rainy spring afternoon at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden:

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