Thursday, July 14, 2016

Poem for Thursday and Little Monsters

By Thomas R. Smith

In my dream I was the first to arrive
at the old home from the church. Wind
and night had forced through the cracks.
I pushed inside, turned on the lamps,
lit a fire in the stove. Frozen oak
logs stung my fingers; it was good
pain, my hands reddening on the icy
broom-handle as I swept away snow.
On Christmas Eve, I prepared a warm
place for my mother and father, sister
and brothers, grandparents, all my relatives,
none dead, none missing, none angry
with one another, all coming through the woods.


Maddy had a friend come visit from Virginia in the morning and I spent the parts of my day when I wasn't working on a Voyager review or folding laundry driving them places -- to the mall, home from the mall, to the food store and back, and eventually to the Metro so that Ian could get home. He's lovely -- also new to the DC area, just out of high school, and they watched Ninth Doctor Doctor Who together, so I approve!

It was beastly hot (and predicted to be worse on Thursday) but we did take a walk during which we saw five bunnies including two babies, plus lots of rattatas and spearows who apparently live all over our neighborhood -- see cat situation below. I noticed that there were Pokestops at several places in Cabin John Park, though I didn't have time to stop there, so tomorrow maybe we can walk along the stream and see what there is to see.

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