Sunday, June 19, 2022

Greetings from Butler's Orchard

We had an insanely beautiful Saturday, perfect spring weather in the low '70s, a fabulous day to go blueberry picking for which we had already made a reservation at Butler's Orchard. We went to visit the sheep, goats, pigs, donkeys, and chickens, then we took the hayride out to the fields, picked two quarts of blueberries plus a quart of strawberries, and visited the farm store for some more fruit and condiments: 

2022-06-18 14.24.03

2022-06-18 14.17.36

2022-06-18 14.30.08

2022-06-18 15.08.56

2022-06-18 15.15.17

2022-06-18 14.41.45

2022-06-18 14.41.14

2022-06-18 15.49.55 

We stopped at Giant on the way home for supplies, had Chicken Marengo for dinner in honor of the Waterloo anniversary, and we've been spending the evening watching the new season of The Bureau of Magical Things, which has some very goofy elements but has a lot of girls who are generally smarter and more creative than the boys and did a funny musical episode that reminded me in good ways of the Buffy musical. 


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