Thursday, June 16, 2022

Poem for Thursday and Hanover Ducklings

I Wish I Had a Wookiee
By Ian Doescher

I wish I had a Wookiee,
To keep the monsters out.
If nightmares came to get me,
You'd hear Chewbacca shout.
If I were sad or frightened,
He'd come and comfort me.
A Wookiee is a kid's best friend --
At least, they ought to be.


I had a sucky doctor's appointment on Thursday (have had several friends with unexpected atrocious diagnoses in the past month so am getting everything possible checked out) so I had a low-key morning, chatted with my high school friends at lunch -- everyone made it online this week! -- and spent the post-appointment afternoon reading until it was cool enough to take a walk. Then we ordered pizza for dinner because we had a coupon for a free one. 

We just watched this week's Obi-Wan Kenobi, which had less Leia than I hoped but I liked the flashbacks and I love Reva -- I really want them to explore the whole "anger leads to hate, hate leads to the Dark Side" dynamic with her. Then we watched Ms. Marvel, which I love as a teen comedy about a Muslim family -- something I've never seen -- as much as about a superhero origin, though I love that too! Ducklings in the courtyard of my in-laws' home in Hanover: 

2022-06-11 15.14.42

2022-06-11 15.14.15

2022-06-11 15.08.05A

2022-06-11 15.09.05

2022-06-11 15.20.05A

2022-06-11 15.18.32

2022-06-11 15.15.41

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