Thursday, June 02, 2022

Greetings From Home

Sorry about the lack of photos yesterday -- we got home after midnight and had a bunch of chores that had to be done immediately, plus cats to be snuggled. My Wednesday was mostly post-trip chores (lots of unpacking, three loads of laundry, many photos and files to be transferred off the laptop), though since it was insanely hot and humid out, I did not mind being indoors -- I miss the Seattle rain and cool! We actually had our best weather the last day for walking the dog, visiting Seahurst Park beach, and going to Burger King for Impossible Burgers before older son drove us to the airport. 

2022-05-31 12.32.25


2022-05-31 14.08.27

2022-05-31 14.49.20

2022-05-31 15.30.23

2022-05-31 16.05.50

2022-05-31 16.56.48

2022-05-31 18.38.47 

I got to talk to two of my high school friends at lunchtime, one of whom is recovering from covid, so that was lovely, and we took a walk in the early evening when it was only insanely hot and not dangerously hot. We watched the episodes of Hacks and The Essex Serpent we missed -- the former a bit less mean-spirited, so I liked it -- I want to root for Deborah -- the latter a bit disjointed and Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes kiss like they'd rather be doing almost anything else, including dental surgery or sticking themselves with safety pins. Adam barely watches TV and I didn't miss it!


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