Monday, June 20, 2022

Greetings from Father's Day

Sunday was as beautiful a day as Saturday, so after a lazy morning and a phone conversation with Paul's parents, we ate lunch and went to Brookside Gardens with my parents. Despite the gorgeous weather and the holiday, it wasn't very crowded -- everyone might have been at the Juneteenth events in DC and Baltimore -- and we saw lots of turtles, geese, birds, and flowers. 

We picked up Not Your Average Joe's for dinner with my parents, then we came home and Skyped with them and our kids. Afterward, we watched the first episode of the eighth season of Endeavour on PBS, and now we're watching this week's episode of The Boys in which Jensen Ackles looks good but is going to be just as much of a mess as Homelander so I can't root for him. 


2022-06-19 14.37.23A



2022-06-19 18.55.10

2022-06-19 20.46.38

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