Friday, June 03, 2022

Poem for Friday and Seahurst Beach Tidepools

By W.S. Merwin

All morning with dry instruments
The field repeats the sound
Of rain
From memory
And in the wall
The dead increase their invisible honey
It is August
The flocks are beginning to form
I will take with me the emptiness of my hands
What you do not have you find everywhere


I spent most of Thursday doing chores and waiting for the rain to arrive -- it was still very hot and humid early, then cooler but still humid, though we took a walk not long after lunch so we could get it in before the thunder. I had lots of laundry to fold, which I did while watching Bring It On since the guy in front of me on the plane was watching it and it actually looked interesting, though I'd never watched before because I had no interest in a cheerleading movie, even with Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, and Gabrielle Union. I didn't realize it was an awesome film about white privilege, cultural appropriation, and intersectional feminism with a great sense of humor too! 

I had my usual Thursday night Zoom chat in the evening, around which Cheryl, Paul, and I watched the first three episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, which I must admit thrilled me. No big spoilers but I have three thoughts: 1) you don't keep bringing up that Obi-Wan wants to talk to Qui-Gon's Force ghost unless you have Liam Neeson under contract; 2) they must be making us kind of root for Reva vs. the other Inquisitors for a reason, I'm hoping it's because she's going to switch teams; and 3) I was spoiled for That Actor because I didn't realize the new episode wasn't on Friday but still YAY! For the first time, we were at Seahurst Park when the tide was out: 








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