Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Poem for Wednesday and Nordic Museum Vikings

I Tried to Find a Dinosaur
By Kenn Nesbitt

I tried to find a dinosaur.
I started in my yard.
I dug and dug for days and days.
The work was long and hard.

I dug through dirt and mud and muck.
I dug through rocks and soil.
My arms grew sore. My legs grew weak
from all the sweat and toil.

I shoveled tons of gravel out.
I moved a bunch of stones,
until, at last, to my surprise,
I found some fossil bones.

I put the bones together in
my bedroom on the floor.
When I was done, those bones had formed
a half a dinosaur.

My parents weren’t too happy when
I told them of my goal.
I found a half a dinosaur,
but then they found the hole.


My Tuesday was pretty low-key -- a trip to CVS for contact lens solution and toothpaste, a walk in the rain, and I finally finished Kris Waldherr's The Lost History of Dreams, which I started reading on the plane back from Seattle -- but I am having a "cancer sucks" week now involving multiple friends, all people around my own age. It's making me really sad.

My Voyager group watched "The Raven" -- an episode in which I like Seven and mostly like Janeway -- then Paul and I watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which fulfills both the haunted house and global catastrophe promises of the first Jurassic Park and also keeps the intact-family theme of previous films. Viking artifacts from the National Nordic Museum:

A reproduction of the Oseberg ship, found near Tonsberg, Norway (yes, New Asgard), which contains a burial chamber for two high-status women.

A Viking picture stone from Gotland, the island apaulled's paternal ancestors came from. (I actually own a reproduction of the ship on this stone on a necklace I bought several years ago!)

Key events of the Viking era, including the invasion of England.

Tools, some dating back to the Bronze and Iron Ages, discovered in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Adornment items including a trefoil brooch, shield pendant, Thor's hammer, and amulet in the shape of a Valkyrie.

Items important to seafarers: a compass, a piece of feldspar to track the sun on a cloudy day, and a raven -- Odin's bird -- to indicate the nearness of land.

School reproduction of a Viking boat.

2022-05-29 14.13.17A
Me and Odin in the Norse Mythology section.

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