Thursday, June 09, 2022

Poem for Thursday and Golden Gardens Boats

Night Sea
By Alexandra Butler

o night sea
carry me
past the houses
I have built
one tree
becomes two
ever faster
separating them
no longer matters


The highlight of my Wednesday, as usual, was talking to my friends from high school at lunchtime, and then I got to talk to my best friend from college for an hour after dinner, which is always one of my favorite things! It was otherwise a pretty low key day, work and walking, until big storms rolled in during the afternoon, which distressed the cats and sent them hiding down the basement. 

It was a great Disney+ day, first with Obi-Wan Kenobi in which young Leia stole the show (why didn't Obi-Wan put on a stormtrooper uniform), then with Ms. Marvel, which I loved everything about -- the characters, the fan art, the cosplay, Dad ruining the Hulk for his daughter, Asgard Pride, the mom guilt, the convention! Such a total joy! Some photos of the boats at Seattle's Golden Gardens: 

2022-05-28 12.43.02

2022-05-28 13.56.44


2022-05-28 13.57.16


2022-05-28 13.56.48

2022-05-28 12.57.19

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